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Google Apps brings together essential services to help your business

Everything is unified by the Start Page, a central place for your users to preview their inboxes and calendars, access your essential content, and search the web.

Administrators can choose to deploy a mix of the communication and collaboration products listed below.

  • Inbound filtering and protection against for viruses, spam and publishing
  • Outbound filtering to block prohibited content from being sent
  • Message recovery tools for deleted email
  • Long-term message archiving and powerful archive search tools

Google Apps includes tools to manage day-to-day changes.

§         updating the list of users who should have access to services

§         creating and modifying mailing lists

§         making changes to your domain's web pages

§         Organizations with more advanced needs may want to integrate Google Apps Premier and Education Editions with other pieces of existing IT infrastructure.

§         Google Apps includes simple and powerful tools for organizations of all sizes to accomplish these tasks.


Administrators can accomplish all the basic domain management tasks from the online control panel. The control panel also gives you access to the tools for editing and publishing web pages for your domain, and your organization's Start Page.

  • You can add, remove and modify user accounts
  • aliases and mailing lists from here, or update user accounts in bulk
  • Configure dual delivery with email routing tools and enable policy management and message discovery tools from the control panel.


For organizations that need to integrate Google's communication and collaboration services with other IT infrastructure, Google Apps Premier and Education Editions include extensibility APIs. With these API's it's possible to enable account synchronization with your existing user directory, provide single sign-on for your users, download usage reports, migrate your email archives from any location, or use a mail gateway.


Organizations use a variety of applications specific to their market, if not totally unique to their specific needs. With the preview of the Google App Engine we're providing a 'test drive' of a new development platform. Google App Engine will allow organizations to build their own apps, restricted to just their users, integrated with the admin console, served from custom URLs at their domain, and hosted on Google's infrastructure. Get started today with a free preview of the Google App Engine development platform.